Hawaii Health Guide - Exotic Fruits- Growing a New Industry on the Big Island
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All Islands Health Talk Exotic Fruits- Growing a New Industry on the Big Island

Exotic Fruits- Growing a New Industry on the Big Island

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Exotic tropical fruits are a new and growing industry in Hawaii. There are 390 acres devoted to exotic tropical fruit production in the state, 64% of that is located on the Big Island.

Many fruits, most of them native to Southeast Asia and South America, are included as exotic tropical fruits. Some of the most popular of these are: carambola - also known as "Star Fruit" are yellow-orange in color, about 6 inches long, and having 5 wings which form a star shape when the fruit is cross-sectioned;

Lychee and rambutan - small, bright red with a sweet grape-like flavor, a favorite sight in summer.

Atemoya and cherimoya - green colored and shaped like the human heart, their sweet, white custard flesh make them delicious fresh-eating fruits;

Mangosteen - The "King of Fruit" purple with white, soft flesh and prized by some as the most delicious of fruits;

Durian - a large green, spiked fruit, claimed by some to be an aphrodisiac, and others complain it smells like stinky feet!

Mango - a well-known and desired tropical fruit. These tropical fruits are sold fresh to hotels, restaurants, and food stores during harvest season. To extend their uses, some are also processed into juices and some are dried.

Wondering where to find exotic fruit? Visit an organic farmer, enjoy a a treasure hunt trip to the many farmer's markets on the Big Island, or order up the daily special and enjoy a colorful end to an eventful gourmet meal at the finer restaruants.


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