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Zoe Weston Maui
  Website: www.zoeweston.com

Contact: Zoe Weston
E-mail: zoe@zoeweston.com
Phone: (808) 387-1980

Address - Map & Directions
PO Box 790784
Paia, HI 96779

Island: Maui

Service Area: All of Maui

Zoe Weston offers doula services and teaches prenatal classes & workshops - prenatal yoga, prental belly dance & hypnobirthing. She also offers a birth preparation workshop for couples, which includes all of the above and more. All of her classes are designed to nurture & celebrate pregnant women during this special time in life.

Prenatal Belly Dance

Learn the ancient art of belly dancing, a.k.a. "birth dancing", the oldest known form of childbirth preparation.

• Strengthen the muscles used during labor
• Learn techniques for easing your baby into the world
• Get in touch with your feminine energy, rejoice in womanhood and connect with your baby through dance

Research shows that music and dance can greatly relax the body and mind. A
relaxed birth is a safer birth, an easier birth, and a faster birth.

Instructor - Anthropologist and professional lecturer/education developer
Zoe Weston is also a Hypnobirthing practitioner and childbirth educator with thirty years of dance experience. Ms. Weston studied belly dance in California, Hawaii, Egypt & Australia. She is a doula and
prenatal yoga instructor. Also available for private lessons

Classes at various locations, call to register and to find out more information: 808-387-1980 or zoe@zoeweston.com

Monday 6-7 p.m. between Makawao and Paia

Prices: 4-week series for $60, 8-week series for $105 - bring a hip scarf


HypnoBirthing is a technique used to relax and comfort women during the birthing process. When a women is relaxed and comforted her birthing process is safer, easier, and faster. Hypnobirthing stresses that birth is a natural and normal process and offers simple natural techniques to alleviate possible discomforts.

What you will learn:

• Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm and comfort
• Other techniques to produce a shorter, more comfortable labor
• The creation and control of the body's own natural anesthesia
• The source of the myth that pain must accompany normal birthing
• Why women in other cultures have birthings almost entirely free of discomfort
• How the mother's body is designed to work in neuro-muscular harmony with nature throughout labor
• Practice in deep relaxation during and between uterine surges
• The importance of prenatal and perinatal bonding

Prenatal yoga

Come to stretch, relax and rejuvenate. Learn yoga postures for strength, tone, balance and agility. Enhance your comfort in pregnancy while preparing your body and mind for birth. Enjoy the company of other pregnant women. Perfect for all stages of pregnancy.

• Learn self-help measures to relieve many of the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy and the postpartum period.
• Learn healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety before and during labor.
• Practice effective skills for coping with pain in labor.
• Develop confidence and trust in their bodies for pregnancy and birth.
• Acknowledge and integrate their pregnancy and birth as a rite of passage into motherhood.
• Bond with their baby in utero.
• Make supportive connections with other pregnant women.
• Address the emotional concerns of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.
• Honor the difficulties and celebrate the joys of pregnancy.

Prices: $60 for 4-week series; $105 for 8-week series
When: Tuesdays 5-6pm
Where: Valley Isle Childbirth Center
2171 Vineyard St., Wailuku. Parking at Maui Medical Group - back lot

Contact Zoe to pre-register for the next series: 808-387-1980 or zoe@zoeweston.com

Private classes available

Prenatal Day Retreat Workshop

Join birth worker Zoe Weston for a day of prenatal fun!
Come to commune, stretch,dance, relax, & rejuvenate!
Workshop includes:

• Pregnancy support circle
• Prenatal yoga
• Prenatal belly dance
• HypnoBirthing
• Prenatal massage

Workshop is 3-4hours (2:00-5:00/6:00pm)

Prices: $75 per person; $115 per couple

Upcoming Day-Retreats - Group 2007


For more information contact Zoe at 808-387-1980 or e-mail.

Doula Services -  Zoe is available as a doula a.k.a. birth companion

If you are wondering why you should have a doula at your birth, here are 10 great reasons:

A Doula,
1. Recognizes that your birth experience is an important event that you will remember all of your life.
2. Understands the many choices you have and can help you write a birth plan or a list of your preferences in giving birth and welcoming your baby into the world.
3. Provides emotional support for you before, during and after your labor and birth.
4. Provides or suggests physical comfort measures that your partner can give during labor and birth, such as back rubs, breathing exercises, and position changes.
5. Gives you an objective view of your labor. A doula has the experience of many labors and can help you understand how your labor is progressing.
6. Knows what to do during long or difficult labors. She can give many suggestions that help you cope and help your labor progress.
7. Communicates with your birth partner. She helps him or her understand the labor process and can give him or her many suggestions on how to give support during labor and birth.
8. Helps you communicate with your caregivers.
9. Helps you and your partner get off to a great start as new parents. Some doulas offer support in the early weeks of parenting.
10. Gives you one-on-one attention. Her total role is to "be there for you" and help you have the best possible birthing experience
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