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  Add Listing: Text Listing
  Step 1: Provide Information Step 2: Choose Categories Step 3: Review Listing Step 4: Pay For Listing

Your Listing Information appears in your Listing on HawaiiHealthGuide.com. Viewers are able to browse your Listing information for details about your business or service. Take note that some information is used for the HawaiiHealthGuide search engine, and is indicated by Required Fields.

Provide Information

Business Name*
Your Business Name is hot linked to your Listing's full detail Page.
Your business or trade name can be found through searches. You may include your First & Last Name if doing business under your personal name. Following your name, you may include your credentials or license numbers, such as Ph.D., DDS, LMT #1001.
First Name
Last Name
Password You will need to enter a password so that you can edit your listing after it has been accepted for the directory.
Retype Password*

Address Line 1
Your Address is optional. Viewers can browse or print your Address, and also view your Map and Directions page.

Please note: The Map link uses the Address Line 1 field, and will require a street address. Map link will NOT work if using a P.O. Box address.

Please use Address Line 2 field for your P.O. Box address.

Address Line 2
Zip/Plus 4 -
Searching by Island is another way that viewers can refine their searches. If you have businesses located on different Islands you will need to create an additional Listing for each business on each Island.
Service Area
(Waikiki, Kona Coast, North Shore, All Islands etc.)

Telephone* - -
Give viewers a variety of ways to contact you. Enter numbers for Telephone, Toll Free, Mobile, or Fax. You may use numbers or letters in the phone fields. example 800-GET-WELL.
Toll Free - -
Mobile - -
Fax - -
URL - http://
Example: www.yourwebsite.com - Do Not include http:// or https://. When a viewer clicks your website hotlink your website will open up within a new browser window.

Listing Description

400 character limit
Your Listing Description gives you the opportunity to express the uniqueness of you and your Business, Product or Service. Be creative and informative. Your Listing Description allows a maximum of 400 characters including spaces.
Unlimited Page Description
Your Page Description is located on your Text or Image Page. Page Descriptions are unlimited text areas that allow you to present more detailed information to your viewers. Use this space to describe yourself or your business, post a schedule, or to give driving directions etc. You can format your information with spaces & return line breaks to create paragraphs, indented type blocks, etc. We Recommend writing your Descriptions in a Text Editing Program. Remember to check your spelling :)
If you know html the allowed tags are: <i>italic</i> <b>bold</b>
Need to show images with your text listing?


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