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All Islands Health Talk Kumu Alva Andrews joins the Hawaii Healing Garden Festival in 2009

Kumu Alva Andrews joins the Hawaii Healing Garden Festival in 2009
Kumu Alva Andrews of Waimanalo

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Kumu Alva Andrews will be joining the Hawaii Healing Garden Festival in 2009.

Kumu Alva James Andrews is a native of Hawai’i, a father, grandfather, and Viet Nam veteran.  Andrews is also a gifted spiritual and physical healer. His form of lomi lomi incorporates ho'oponopono (mental cleansing in preparation for long term results)

Kumu Alva will be talking story about the traditional and medical uses of taro, noni, awa, pa'akai (alai'a), aloe, lomi lomi massage and a nutrition program which includes healthy balanced eating habits to help keep the body in an anabolic state instead of a catabolic state.

He believes that spiritual, mental and emotional aspects must be balanced for permanent good health to be obtained.

Alva has studied with lomi lomi master Kumu John Kalua, ho'oponopono master Aunty Abbie Napeahi and Hindu Master Gaush Supun. He is also a lua (Hawaiian martial arts) practitioner with Pa Ku'i a Holo in Oahu. All of his experiences combine to create a very spiritual and powerful healing form.

Alva’s major love is his gift of spiritual and physical healing, sharing a concept of well-being through harmonic balance spirit, mind and body.

Alva's form of lomilomi, or Hawaiian massage, incorporates the use of ho’oponopono, along with the traditional hand and body applications. Kumu believes that there is a connection between the spirit, the mind, and the physical body. Thus, the function of a good lomilomi practitioner is to harmonize the various parts of a person’s being, in order to make them permanently healthy and balanced.

There is a spiritual, mental and emotional dimension that must be factored into the Holistic approach that Kumu uses. For him, then, lokahi, or unity, is what is needed to effect permanent good health. Kumu firmly believes, as his ancestors did, that the body cannot be healed until the spirit is healed. This is the key to what Kumu teaches and practices.

Kumu Andrews has close connection to many Hawaiian cultural organizations. Whenever necessary he will call upon these organizations to bring a full view of the Hawaiian culture and values. Kumu realizes the importance of bringing all of these groups together to show the culture as a “whole” living culture.

These groups specialize in, but are not limited to: Hale Mua and Hale O’papa concepts, Lua, Hula, Olelo, Traditional Weaving, and of course the imperative input and presence of our kupuna.

Spirituality of Lomilomi

The Spirit, Mind and Body was made perfect and whole in the eyes of our Creator. When we are given the necessary tools, our bodies will be brought back into balance allowing and stimulating the body to heal itself. The greatest healing component that we as facilitators share is our simple compassion for our fellow man.

Our work is a prayerful work; we start through prayer followed with conversation and touch. Our approach and intention is administered with a pure, loving, humble heart, we are but an instrument of our Creator. Through prayer, compassion, forgiveness, acknowledgment and humility the body can and will heal itself.

Alva worked 7 years as a counselor to native-Hawaiian court-adjudicated, and incarcerated youth for Hui Ku ‘Opio o ke Ko’olau, a federally funded program operated through ALU LIKE. During this time Alva  spent time working with HYCF (Hawai’i Youth Correctional Facility) helping Hawaii’s youth gain concepts of traditional Hawaiian values with hopes that these values would keep them from returning to these institutions as adults.

Kumu Alva Andrews will be an honored guest and  featured presenter on Hawaiian modalities and traditions of Healing at  The Hawaii Healing Garden Festival: Kauai Aug 22, Maui on Oct 18th, Oahu on Nov 21 and Big Island Sunday Dec 20. More information here: www.HawaiiHealingGarden.com


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