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All Islands Health Talk Tai Chi Chuan--The Art of Peaceful Energy

Tai Chi Chuan--The Art of Peaceful Energy

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In this fast paced world we live in today the age old practice of Tai Chi Chuan can literally be a lifesaver! Firstly, this practice requires that you slow down and pay close attention to how you move (use) your Chi or Life Energy. You must slow down your breathing, thinking and movements.

Everything about Tai Chi is relaxed, deliberate and focused in the moment. The simple truth is, when you engage in Tai Chi you are temporarily disconnecting your awareness from your present life situations---be it family, work, friends etc. Think of it as a momentary retreat from life to regroup your energies. If properly learned and practiced, the resulting benefits of bringing your life energy into a balanced, harmonized and integrated state can serve to increase your vitality, reduce stress, better control your emotions, modify your habits and much, much more! Of course a lot depends upon what you are looking for and the kind of teacher you find.

The most common or external practice, often referred to as a chinese system of exercise, focuses on the chi of the body only.

As a non-aggressive martial art the focus is on the chi of the mind and body and it's self-defense applications.

As a moving meditation the focus is on the chi of spirit or conscious awareness, a completely internalized practice.

Fortunately, for those who have very busy schedules, all aspects of both the external and internal practices can be done at the same time. Just think, exercising the chi of spirit, mind and body, through a very dynamic 20 to 30 minute daily practice, does indeed fit well into this fast paced world.

OK, let's be real, it must be understood that in order to benefit from this practice, you must make the minimum commitment of attending a weekly class and doing a daily practice. So, if you are searching for a practice that can exercise your spirit, mind and body at the same time, as well as one that can serve to gently guide you into becoming a more consciously self-aware, spiritually awakened, realized human being, then Tai Chi Chuan may be for you.

Your first challenge will be to find a good teacher with the realized knowledge of both the internal and external practices---ask some clear, direct questions and let your intuition be your guide.

This article was submitted by Si Gung Tiru Sadasivam, a 30+ years practitioner and board certified instructor of Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Chien Sun Kung Fu (2nd Degree) as well as a lifelong practitioner of the various Yogas---Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana.

For more info contact Tiru at 808 245 8694 or e-mail TiruTaiChi@AOL.com


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